Hiking with your parents up a rocky trail doesn't always sound like a ton of fun for kiddos just being introduced to the mountains and all the fun they present. Sometimes kids need a goal for the trip, something that makes it special for them. Photo Credit: nps.gov Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan covers "10 Things to Do with Kids at Rocky Mountain National Park" in her recent article on MyRockyMountainPark.com 1. Become a Junior Ranger Photo Credit: nps.gov 2. Go horseback riding 3. Take a hike Add purpose by hunting for wildflowers (no picking!), looking for animal signs, sketching, a scavenger hunt (but just a photo scavenger hunt - everything needs to stay in its RMNP home:) 4. Go Camping 5. Attend a Family Ranger Program 6. Go Fishing!! 7. Paddle a Canoe 8. Walk on the Tundra 9. Have a picnic 10. In the winter, there's a wonderful sledding area at the Hidden Valley Snow Play Area  Visit MyRockyMountainPark.com for details on planning the perfect mini vacation to Rocky this summer! Have fun out there!