"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it."

– J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

For the majority of people out there, confidence is more situational than permanent; in certain situations we feel very sure of ourselves, and in others we aren't quite certain how things will pan out. But never fear! Confidence is something that can be learned, exercised and created. Actions influence attitude, so by changing the way we behave over time, we can change the way we feel about said actions.

Below are some of the top traits that confident people display to those around them, and ultimately to the world. Remember... The goal isn't to seem confident - it's to actually BE confident!

They take responsibility

A confident person understands that being true to and owning their feelings, emotions, and actions is the quickest path to success. You won't hear them blaming their struggles on others or situations around them. This includes taking responsibility for one's failures, and being consistent in your choices. If you made a terrible mistake, own up to it! You'll quickly earn the respect of your peers and friends if you're able to admit when you're wrong, and learn from the outcome.

They avoid gossip

Gossip is a senseless circle, and serves no one in the end. Confident people choose to instead talk about their goals, ideas, plans, dreams, fears... They acknowledge that it's best to be positive or remain neutral. If you're around people who tend to gossip, reconsider who you surround yourself with and the thoughts you harbor.

They ask for (and accept) help

Attempting to accomplish everything on your own is not only impossible, but also exhausting, frustrating and less productive in the long run. Ask for help often if you want to work your confidence muscles, and don't feel threatened by someone else's wisdom or experience. Pass it along and help others in turn, whenever you can!

They view every failure as a success

This is a HUGE one, so pay attention! Confident people do not see failure as the end but rather as a tool they use to further their growth. The road to any success is fraught with obstacles, challenges and complications, but they know that sticking with it will get you the win in the end. In order to fail you also must try in the first place, which is the only way to succeed at all. Fail often, and you're sure to reach your goals.

They want to share the limelight with others

Every confident person thinks highly of themselves, but they also remember that others' opinions and experiences are just as valuable and valid as their own. Embracing your inner confidence requires you to be a team player at all times. They know that the focus doesn't always need to be on them, and they work hard to establish positive habits, like listening rather than talking and engaging in group efforts. Yes, you can be confident while keeping your ego in check!