Motivational Monday – “To Scale: The Solar System”

"As we get farther and farther away, the Earth diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine... seeing this has to change a man."

- James IrwinApollo 15

Friends Alex Gorosh and Wiley Overstreet would need 7 miles of continuous space if they wanted to create a to-scale model of our solar system. Naturally, a bone-dry lake bed in Nevada was the perfect location for their venture. But they wouldn't merely be dragging sticks through the dirt to show the sheer magnitude of what is nearly always represented incorrectly; instead, they would connect light tracks to illustrate the planetary orbits in the night.

"We are on a marble, floating in the middle of nothing.... When you sort of come face-to-face with that, it's staggering." - Wiley Overstreet

It's difficult to watch their experiment and not feel the gravity of it all.

We've all had those times in our lives - whether they be days, months or years - in which we feel the world revolves around us. In contrast, we all have those times of clarity when we see the connections between us and all that is.

To put things into perspective, imagine everything that makes up your life and the way you live it: your house, your country, your continent and all the people in it, and the billions of other people who inhabit this beautiful planet alongside us — and then imagine all of that is a collective speck of dust on a brilliant, blue marble being hurled through space... and that is Earth.

Perhaps Calvin and Hobbes can shed some light on this philosophical prod - if we are specks of dust that can also do powerful things, does everything matter or does nothing matter? We all have to share this world together, and finding that balance is the greatest journey of all!