Rocky Mountain National Park Series – Get Your Lifetime Senior Pass!

Rocky Mountain National Park Series – Get Your Lifetime Senior Pass!

The National Park Service Centennial Act was approved by Congress in December of 2016. In short, the legislation raises entry fees to all 417 national parks and over 2,000 recreational sites that are managed by the federal government. It's not all about jacking up prices needlessly, though; an endowment will be established and the funds used to improve the experience of visitors to such locations, and support opportunities for volunteering in parks all over the U.S.

In an attempt to remain transparent and ever-honest, park services have announced that the lifetime pass for citizens 62 years and older will jump from $10 to $80 very soon. They're encouraging anyone who wants to enjoy the national parks and public space to act within the next few months or risk losing out on the lower price!

(Denali National Park, Alaska)

How to Get a Senior Pass

You must be 62 at the time of purchase to qualify for the Senior Pass. You'll need an ID in order to prove your age and residency, too. The most economic option is to purchase the pass in person - find the ideal location by clicking HERE. If you'd rather not make the trip, you may also apply online HERE, but it will cost you an additional $10 for processing. 

Don't wait too long - take advantage of the heads up today! Use the images below of U.S. National Parks as inspiration to take action...

(Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)

(Yosemite National Park, California)

(Zion National Park, Utah)