"I believe that living by someone else's  prescribed timeline is unrealistic at best and potentially damaging at worst..."

Billy Yang's short film, "The One Thing", looks back at all that's happened in 2016 and ushers it's viewers into 2017 with a challenge and renewed hope. We all can relate to the stress of living in accordance to what others think is best for us, in a way and on a schedule that they see fit. Being true to yourself doesn't always please everyone, but you're the only one you're guaranteed to be with every moment of every day! Keep that in mind when setting your intentions and priorities for this new year.

"For me, I choose to focus  on things that matter. I choose to focus on the good in people."

(Video Credit: BY Films)

What is most important to you? How does someone discover what their "one thing" is, and act in a way that aligns with that? Click HEREfor 15 questions that help you discover your life's purpose, and then transform that into your own personal mission statement.

"So going into the new year my personal mission statement will remain the same; to keep living a life that feels true to me, to continue to see as much of the world as possible, and to keep telling stories of amazing people around us..."

  "My challenge to you is to go into 2017 with an open heart, to give more than you receivebelieve in the bestof each other, and most importantly - leave a great legacy. You do that when you impact others in a positive way."