How to be a Competitive Buyer in a Seller’s Market

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There's no getting around it; now is a tough time to be a buyer. With scarce active listings and median home prices creeping up, it may seem like a tough time to buy a home. Here are a few things you can do to remain competitive in this market:

First and foremost, know your budget. This way you can make informed decisions before putting in an offer. Knowing your budget allows you to narrow your search and focus energy on homes within your price range.

Compile a list of must haves and deal-breakers. If you know you are looking for a 2+ bath home, referencing this list will keep you from making offers on a home that may not actually suit your needs.

Get pre-approved to borrow. This shows the seller that you are serious about purchasing their house and can fast track your offer.

Build a team of trusted professionals. You'll have a better chance at landing your dream home when working with experienced leaders in the industry.

Winter Activities at Brainard Lake

View from below Lefthand Reservoir

Brainard Lake Recreation Area is one of the most beautiful spots in the Front Range. Nestled between Nederland and Ward, Brainard Lake is just 45 minutes up the mountains from Boulder. To complement summer hiking, fishing, backpacking, and cycling, this area offers incredible winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and picnicking. 

From about November to May, the Brainard Lake Road is closed beyond the entrance station. This road turns into an excellent start for any skiing, snowshoeing, or picnic adventure. From the entrance station, you have three route options: stay on the road, veer left onto Lefthand Park Reservoir Road, or turn right onto the Sourdough Trail. 

Heading straight on Brainard Lake Road offers adventurers a relatively flat path, perfect for learning to cross country ski or snowshoe. Red Rock Lake is the first destination on this path, just ½ mile beyond the entrance station. From here, users can follow the road another 1.5 miles to Brainard Lake.

Those looking for some elevation gain may opt to follow Lefthand Park Reservoir Road to Lefthand Park Reservoir for beautiful views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. This winter trail climbs 600 feet over the course of 1.8 miles to the reservoir.

For people who enjoy the solitude of snowy singletrack, Sourdough Trail offers miles and miles of pristine winter wilderness. This trail connects to South Saint Vrain and Waldrop trails for a long, scenic route to Brainard Lake.

Rocky Mountain National Park Series – December 3rd Full Moon Hike

Rocky Mountain National Park Series – December 3rd Full Moon Hike

by Cory Dudley

Bask in the light of the full moon in Rocky Mountain National Park this Sunday 12/3.

What better a way to get into the holiday spirit! 

Photo Credit: NPS/Russell Smith

The Rocky Mountain Rangers lead Full Moon Walks in the winter months, the first one this coming Sunday. Groups leave from Beaver Meadows at 5 pm. Reservations are required and can be made in person or you can call the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center at 970-586-1223. Maybe there will even be a little fresh snow from the system that passes through Sunday - fingers crossed!

Rocky Mountain National Park Series – Stay Curious Video Series

Rocky Mountain National Park Series – Stay Curious Video Series

by Cory Dudley

"I think that's what I like the best is understanding more about how things work, and what's living there, and how it interacts with all the other organisms in that system."

Erin Borgman 

The National Park Service's video series, Stay Curious, most recently selected and interviewed one of Rocky Mountain National Park's very own. Erin Borgman is an NPS Ecologist and Field Coordinator with the Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Division. In short, her job is to keep a close eye on the vital signs and overall 'health' of important streams and rivers within the park. These bodies of water are the most important resource to the park's habitat and wildlife inhabitants, making her mission a crucial one!

Check out the video below to learn how Erin began down the path of Ecology sciences and the advice she has for anyone else trying to discover their place in the world around them.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Estes Park September Festivals 2017

Rocky Mountain National Park – Estes Park September Festivals 2017

Not far from Rocky Mountain National Park lies beloved Estes Park, where visitors and locals alike celebrate life in the Colorado Rockies with special events throughout the year. Below are the events this month that you will want to pencil into your calendar!

Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival September 7th through 10th 

If you've never made it up the hill in the past three decades for this festival, this is the year! For 3 days, Estes Park becomes the setting for one of the nation's largest celebrations of Scottish and Irish cultures. Held annually the weekend after Labor Day, there are events such as jousting, bagpipes, dancers, precision drill teams and more. One of the weekend's highlights is the parade along Estes Park's main street.

Scottish Irish Shopping Markets will have a variety of vendors selling things such as clothing, kilts, accessories, home decor and highland-inspired jewelry. The Strong Man Competition on the festival field will allow athletes to show off their skills in the hammer throw, putting the stone and caber throwing. If something more traditional is what you enjoy, then the International Jousting Championships entertain with games and competition in both light and heavy armor. Dogs of the British Isles put on quite the show for the entire family, with dog agility and herding, terrier races and dog exhibit booths with goods.

Click HERE to purchase your ticket and for an event calendar for the weekend!

  Autumn Gold Festival - September 23rd and 24th

Celebrate the changing of the seasons in one of the region's most beloved festivals! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the live music and dance for FREE, and the Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary will have bratwursts and cold drinks for purchase once inside. Other vendor booths will have treats such as corn on the cob, funnel cakes, roasted almonds and fresh lemonade; there's bound to be something for everyone.

The kiddos will be well entertained with face painting, corn bag tosses, a bounce house and classic car show. Perhaps the most popular portion of the festival is the raffle - entrants can take home prizes of $5,000 or $2,500 cash prizes, and various other cash and runner-up awards. Raffle tickets cost $25 each.

Performance Park Summer Concert Series, Mason Street - September 16th

​Mason Street is a Fort Collins-bred bluegrass band that will be finishing up the Summer Concert Series at the Performance Park Amphitheater. The show goes from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, for FREE! Don't miss out...

JUST CLOSED in Loveland, Colorado!

JUST CLOSED in Loveland, Colorado!

Congratulations to our home buyers! They are excited to begin their new journey as a family in this lovely, brick ranch home in Loveland, Colorado.

Thanks to it's location on a 1/2 acre lot, and the wetlands that it backs up to, the family was able to create a new space for their chickens, too. Christa was happy to have found them something that was so perfect so quickly!

If you're looking for a home in Loveland, click HERE for a list of currently available properties on the market. We'd be happy to set you up with a private showing...

Christa is a Licensed REALTOR for The Winning Team Real Estate Group at Old Town Real Estate in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. Christa is a Winning Team's Buyer's Specialist. Her business background gives her the experience and expertise a Buyer needs and wants in today's competitive market. Christa lives with her contractor husband, Guy, and their two pups Bubba and Whim in the foothills of North Boulder. Christa can be found spending her free time mountain biking, skiing, running and enjoying her home and property. It's all that Colorado has to offer that keeps Christa and Guy happy, healthy, and enjoying life to it's fullest.

Christa can be contacted via email at  or mobile at 303.913.9698

JUST CLOSED in Golden, Colorado…

Congratulations to our sellers, who have officially CLOSED on their home in Golden, Colorado. We received many phone calls and so much interest on this property, and were happy to have helped our clients maximize their return.

Call us if you want a 'SOLD' sign in your front yard! 

Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing, full-time real estate broker and business owner in beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client's dreams of home ownership - and it's a privilege he doesn't take lightly. His family includes his wife and daughter, and they feel fortunate to call Longmont their home.

Cory can be reached by mobile at 303.641.8597 or email at



Rocky Mountain National Park is home to black bears, which are also the largest and least frequently seen mammals within the park. There are an estimated 20-35 bears currently living in RMNP, but previous studies have shown that the park is a poor habit for them, naturally speaking. It's believed that the area was attractive to the animals because hunting remains prohibited within the boundaries. Bears do what bears do; they eat lots of wild fruits that grow within the park, such as choke cherries, currants, raspberries, grapes and juniper berries. Afterwards, well.. They do what nearly every other living thing does.

RMNP rangers decided to try something new this year, and used the abundance of bear scat to the park's advantage!

A member of the park's vegetation restoration crew collected scat throughout the park last fall, and volunteers took time planting it in the park's greenhouses. No one was sure what exactly would come of it, if anything - but there truly was no downside to this experiment. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when the seedlings began sprouting, which have now reached a count of over 1,200 total.

"Animals are great seed dispersers and of course, what does in one way goes out the other," the park said on it's Facebook page. "After defecation, seeds are left in a rich, moist medium that nourishes the growing seedling."

Most of the seedlings appear to be Oregon-grape and chokecherry, which was a surprise to the team. Chokecherry has a very thick, hard seed coat that is difficult to germinate in typical greenhouse conditions. Thanks to their trip through a bear's digestive system beforehand, that coat was broken down in the process, allowing for successful growth.

The plan is to plant the Oregon Grape seedlings in an effort to rehabilitate the areas disturbed during the replacement of the park's main waterline in 2016.

If you dream of being a volunteer at the Rocky Mountain National Park, click HERE and take the next steps! There are opportunities for individuals and groups alike, and they are always in need of help and community involvement.

JUST CLOSED on Another Longmont Home!

JUST CLOSED on Another Longmont Home!

Congratulations to our sellers, who JUST CLOSED on their Craftsman-style Old Town home! We are thrilled to have helped them onto the next adventure for their family...

It's always a gift in our business to have lifelong clients and friends. Cory can recall discussing strategies to maximize their return on this Old Town investment over 7 years ago... And wow, they did even better than expected!

Congratulations again...

If you loved 803 Collyer St, don't worry - we have others in the neighborhood!


600 Baker Street

4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2,406 square feet

Click HERE for a sneak peek at the photos, and mark your calendars for the Open House on May 6th & 7th, 11am - 2pm.

Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing, full-time real estate broker and business owner in beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client's dreams of home ownership - and it's a privilege he doesn't take lightly. His family includes his wife and daughter, and they feel fortunate to call Longmont their home.

Cory can be reached by mobile at 303.641.8597 or email at

Motivational Monday – Man’s Best Friend

Though there are many psychological benefits to having a companion animal, none compares to the relationship between human and canine. For the last 15,000 years, dogs have earned the title of "man's best friend"; and there is no better example of this time-weathered bond than that of Loki the Wolfdog andKelly Lund, his two-legged companion. The pair currently reside just outside of Denver, Colorado, practically making them local celebrities!

(Video credit: Boyte Creative Films - Boulder, CO)

Our canine companions keep us grounded and living in the present moment. The common saying is that a dog's only fault in life is that their life is altogether too short. But if you have a pooch (or a small pack) at home, it can be easy to forget how instrumental we are in their lives. We are their favorite person, their outlet for fun, the way they relate to the world around them. Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund help inspire pet owners to involve their furry friends in everyday life - and adventures...

If you haven't taken the time to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages, do yourself a favor and do it now! They'll start your day off with a beautiful landscape, cute dog and inspiring quote.

Wounded Warrior Project Embraces the Wilderness

The Wounded Warrior Project aims to connect, serve and empower wounded warriors. Connecting members and their families to valuable resources ensures that they have the ability to live a life on their own terms. Recently, a group of veterans ventured out into the winter wonderland that is currently Rocky Mountain National Park with a couple goals in mind; socializing and challenging themselves in the process.

"Being part of the Wounded Warrior Project gives me the opportunity to connect with other veterans like me and create the same types of friendships I had while serving on active duty," says Army veteran Christopher.

Physical activity is key to helping injured warriors cope with stress and emotional concerns. In a WWP survey, 29.6% of respondents expressed that physical activity helps them address their mental health challenges. What better place to connect with nature, yourself and others than in Rocky Mountain National Park?

For many of the participants, it was the first time they'd strapped on snowshoes and hiked through the mountains. The opportunity to come together and bond over such a challenging shared experience was beneficial for all! Thanks to the generosity of donors, the day was available to the veterans at no cost to them.

"Not only am I connecting with other warriors, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment after completing each hike," says Christopher.  

Conservation Group Contributes Land to RMNP

A 2,000 square foot house sits perched on a high overlook within Wild Basin,  surrounded by 12.5 acres of private property. Views of the The area has only been listed for sale twice in the last seventy years, setting it up for high demand and a quick sale. Thankfully, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy has had the property on their list of priorities for several years.

(Image - Rocky Mountain Conservancy)

"We knew right away that we had to step in quickly with what land protection reserves we had," says Charles Money, Executive Director of the Conservancy. "The last time it was on the market, there was immediate interest from many possible buyers."

With help from The Wilderness Land Trust and the National Park Trust, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy was able to step in and purchase the parcel of land on December 14th, 2016. The Wilderness Land Trust negotiated the purchase contract with the current owner assured they'd provide additional funds necessary for the purchase.

"This helps fulfill the purpose of the Wild Basin area - it provides a rare, accessible wilderness experience to Park visitors," points out Reid Haughey,President of the Wilderness Land Trust. "When the Rocky Mountain Conservancy called asking for help, we jumped at the opportunity to preserve the quiet recreation and wildlife habitat of Wild Basin - which is otherwise managed as designated wilderness surrounding a trail head access road. Ironically, every funder and board member I showed the property to immediately wanted the site for themselves, but knew it was more valuable as an asset for all. That shows how spectacular this location is."

The National Park Trust then jumped into action by calling on a local donor and their funding partner - The Barret Family Foundation. They were beyond excited to help complete the deal, recognizing the opportunity that they'd been presented with by becoming involved.

(Image - RMNP, view from the property)

The property is about a mile from the Wild Basin Entrance Station just north of Allenspark, Colorado. Both Longs Peak and Mount Meeker rise up above the property and awe-inspiring views of the Continental Divide can be enjoyed from the west. Though the parcel and land are within the wilderness boundary, they have not been managed as wilderness because they were privately owned. The next step for the partners is to remove the house and access drive, thereby allowing the area to be designated as wilderness and receive the high level of conservation protection as federal land.

"We are extremely grateful to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy, The Wilderness Land Trust and National Park Trust in acquiring this private piece of land inside the park. This is a gift that will live on forever as protected wilderness." - Darla Sidles, Superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park

Motivational Monday Series – Never Stop Exploring

(Video Credit: The North Face)

"We feel that this stands as a symbol of the insatiable curiosity of all mankind to explore the unknown."

Buzz Aldrin, astronaut aboard the Apollo,  July 24th, 1969

Curiosity is inherent in humans from the time we are very young. Throughout history, those who have made the most significant contributions and lasting marks on the world have been curious to their core - always searching for an alternative path, new ideas and ways to get there.

Being curious throughout life can benefit you (and the world around you!) in many ways. When you're curious, your mind is active rather than passive, which helps it to grow stronger and stronger the more you challenge it to think outside the box. It also leads to an adventurous life in which new doors open everywhere you look. As new ideas emerge, you are more likely to give them genuine consideration if they pique your interest and curiosity. You will also be more open minded to the thoughts and opinions of others, which is never a bad thing.

What if you've grown out of your child-like curiosity? Never fear - there are things you can do to claim it back....

1.) Read diverse material

By reading many different genres, you immerse yourself into all sorts of worlds, complete with characters and circumstances that are unique. Get a subscription to an educational magazine that you normally don't pick up, and get to reading!

2.) Keep an open mind

This may seem pretty obvious, but you'd be amazed at how few people truly keep an open mind in life. By being willing to learn, unlearn and relearn things, you open the door to new knowledge and opportunity.

3.) Don't take anything for granted

When you accept that the world is the way it is, you have absolutely no incentive to dig deeper. Always strive to look beneath the surface and discover more than what meets the eye.

4.) Ask questions

Who, what, when, where and why are ones we all learned in school, and they still apply once you've grown up! Keep them in your back pocket and don't forget about them. They can always be pulled out on a daily basis.

5.) Choose to see learning as fun

This takes some practice, but it is definitely possible. Even the most challenging of things can be rewarding to attempt (sometimes over and over) until we finally succeed. Look at life through a glass that's half full and exciting.

Winter Park Express

The Ski Train originated in 1940 and boasted 69 years of regular, scheduled trips to Winter Park Resort. It would dutifully pick up from Denver's Union Station, chug through 29 tunnels and through the Rocky Mountains before stopping less than 100 yards from the base of the lifts in Winter Park, making it a coveted mode of transportation for those making day trips. In earlier years it was dominated by the Eskimo Ski Club, with members ranging from 7 to 17 years old. Hard times in the 1980's resulted in the creation of the "New Ski Train", with new cars and a rejuvenated business plan. Their efforts dubbed them the Downtown Award of Honor by the Denver Partnership, who stated it was, "for this unique fifty-year downtown mainstay and its vital linkage between the City Center and Colorado mountains."

The Ski Train made it's final run to Winter Park on March 29, 2009, but Amtrak has since brought about the Winter Park Express in it's place. This route's return has garnered attention worldwide and promises to be one of the most exciting developments for Colorado skiers in years!

"You don't have to worry about traffic. You don't have to worry about weather. You can just sit back and enjoy the view", says Steve Hurlbert, spokesman for the Winter Park Resort. "It's just a really relaxing way to get to the mountains."

Amtrak's double-decker cars are featured on the Winter Park Express,  which are designed to be roomier than normal passenger train cars. Over 500 passengers can fit at a time, and the cars can even be resized if the demand requires it in the near future... Though it is highly doubtful there will be any need for downsizing; Hulbert confirmed that tickets for their two test runs in March 2015 sold out in approximately 14 hours!

The Winter Park Express is the only service of it's kind in the United States, providing one more reason Colorado is the place to be - especially if you love winter sports.

Early bird pricing begins at $39 one way, so book early! Tickets will then be available at $49 or $59 as each lowered-priced seating sells out. Discounted tickets will be available, but only a first come first served basis. CLICK HERE to get your tickets and experience fun on the mountains without all the tail lights and slick roads!

Motivational Monday – “15 Hours | with Anton Krupicka” by Billy Yang Films

Motivational Monday – “15 Hours | with Anton Krupicka” by Billy Yang Films

"..... It comes down to connection and being engaged in life. That's really it. It's a structure for having this purpose and focus and commitment to something on a daily basis."

- Anton Krupicka

Anton Kurpicka is an ultra-runner living in Boulder, CO, best known for his long hair and dedication to trail running. Though he has many wins under his belt, including two at the Leadville 100, he admits that his relationship to the sport has been more affected by injury in the past couple years than ever before.

Despite the challenges of setting his ego aside, Anton speaks to the importance of daily rituals and dedication, especially when they feed the body and soul.

(Video Credit: Billy Yang Films)

Motivational Monday – “15 Hours | with Anton Krupicka” by Billy Yang Films

Motivational Monday -The Leadville Trail 100

Our ancestors were forced to evolve into ultra-runners, over time and as more travel became necessary to hunt prey that was constantly on the move. Almost 2 million years ago, ancient men would scoff at the proposition of running 100 miles - if scoffing had been a thing back then, of course. Regardless of their opinion on it, the fact remains that it was no physical problem.

But nowadays, ultra-runners are prime specimens and exceptions to the norm. No one actually needs to run that far for that long, but some simply want to...

The Leadville Trail 100 is commonly referred to as the "Race Across the Sky" and began in 1983. This out and back course takes you from it's lowest point of 9,200 feet to it's highest at 12,600 feet up on Hope Pass. Most of the run is done on forest trails and certain sections of mountain road. Lottery drawings for participation in 2017's race open December 1st through the 31st, 2016.

(Video Credit: Salomon Trail Running)

  "It gets to a point during a run like that, no matter how good an athlete you are and no matter how well trained you are, that it’s going to really hurt. And it’s going to transcend the physical and become about the mental..."

As one of the oldest ultamarathons in the world, The Leadville Trail 100 attracts all sorts of ambitious athletes looking to test their limits and break down barriers. In it's first year it had only 45 competitors and was originally organized as a way to bring more people to Leadville - a mining town that struggled when the mine was shut down. Today, the event has huge sponsorship, training camps, and many other events for athletes of all kinds.

Motivational Monday – Happy 140th Birthday, Colorado!

Motivational Monday – Happy 140th Birthday, Colorado!

If Colorado was getting a cake to celebrate it's birthday today, it would beg us not to put candles on top! After all, 140 candles could potentially be a fire hazard... Here are some interesting facts about our colorful state to celebrate Colorado's 140th year as a state!

Hopefully some of the special offers at the end also motivate you to help Colorado celebrate this special day...


Katherine Lee Bate's famous lyrics "purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains" in "America the Beautiful" came to her from atop Pikes Peak.

Denver can claim inventing the 'cheeseburger'! The trademark was award on March 5th, 1935 to Luis Ballast at his Humpty Dumpty restaurant.

(Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain News)

Colfax Avenue remains the longest continues commercial street in America at 26.5 miles long.

Colorado is the only state in history to ever turn down hosting the Olympics. In 1976, the Winter Olympics were voted against. Coloradoans were concerned about the cost that pollution and a population boom would have on the state.

(Photo Credit: Denver Public Library)

Glenwood Springs is the world's largest natural hot springs pool - and was a favorite spot for former president Teddy Roosevelt.

(Photo Credit: Glenwood Hot Springs)

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension in the world at a lofty 1,053 feet.

If you stand on the 13th step of the state capital building in Denver, you will be exactly 1 mile high above sea level!

(Photo Credit: Denver Metro Convention)

The largest flat-top mountain in the world is the Grand Mesa new Grand Junction.

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)


To celebrate the state's 140th birthday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is giving free park entrance at all 42 state parks on Monday the 1st. Activities like fishing and camping will still require a valid license and permit.

Dunkin' Donuts is offering a limited-edition doughnut that has the Colorado flag frosted on it to celebrated. The doughnut is free with the purchase of any size Cold Brew coffee, or you can purchase one for just 99 cents! Four northern Colorado locations are participating - Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland and Longmont.

(Photo Credit: Dunkin' Doughnuts)

The History Colorado Museum is honoring the state's birthday with free entry, food, music and other activities. Some other places statewide will also be free all day, including: Byers--Evans House Museum, El Pueblo History Musseum, Fort Garland Museum and Cultural Center, Fort Vazquez Museum, Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin and Trinidad History Museum.

Historical tours of the Capitol will begin at 1pm and run every half hour all day.


Some of the things people said they love about Colorado....

"The people, the fresh air, the unbeatable views and dogs... Dogs everywhere!"

"Love the small town feels and big city vibes."

"People live here because they WANT to live here, so there is a general air of enthusiasm and excitement almost anywhere you go!"

"I love the climate here. It's almost always fabulous weather, whether snow or heat or rain or sunshine."

Happy Birthday, Colorado! You beautiful state, you...

(Photo Credit: Brittany Werges)

RMNP’s Natural ‘Voice’

RMNP’s Natural ‘Voice’

(Photo Credit: Pamela Johnson, Loveland Reporter-Herald)

Jacob Job has dedicated his life to the study of sound, and works for CSU and the National Parks Services Natural Sound & Night Skies Division. During the summer months of 2016, he's spent his time traveling through 125+ miles of the Rocky Mountain National Park wilderness, recording an array of noises in order to create a library. "If we lose some of these sounds, if we lose wildlife or lose a species, we lost a part of us," he expressed. "It's important."

Some of his recording experiences include moose, groupings of hummingbirds and even frog choruses. Using only one microphone, he captures what he describes as 'cameo sounds', which can be anything from the elk bugling to the wind whipping by - but there's a bigger picture to be heard! Not only does he pinpoint certain sounds in their most pure form, but he also records what he calls 'soundscape.' Using dual microphones, he's able to mirror ears and the way that people naturally pick up sound. His goal is to preserve small and big picture sounds in a couple different ways...

One is the opportunity to share the sensory experience with people who don't have access or the means to spend time in the backcountry. The second is to showcase the affects that the humans have in national parks - audibly, of course. In general, humans raise the ambient sound level 3-5 decibels, with the most impacted areas being in the east portions of the park. Job believes that making people aware is the first step to preserving the natural wonders of our wilderness, and ultimately make conservation in general more of a priority.

While sound of course adds a necessary dimension to day-to-day experiences, pure silence is also something that affects a person subconsciously as well as consciously. Sometimes, a lack of sound can be truly profound in itself. "The more you listen, the more you'll hear," says Job. "It's cheesy. It's corny, but it's true." Some of the quietest places he's been in the United States include AlaskaHaleakala National Park in Hawaii and the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. "It's pushing the limits of our equipment. This is a place you can hear your heart beat. You can feel the pressure of the silence." What a fantastic notion!

If you've ever wondered what Rocky Mountain National Park's true voice sounds like, wonder no more. Jacob Job captured this audio of an afternoon thunderstorm passing over his campsite in Big Meadows. His SoundCloud station includes several other audio tracks from his time in the Rocky Mountain National Park, all of which offer a unique profile of the wilderness that is so beloved to Colorado.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

Welcome Home! Congrats to our Buyer…

Welcome Home! Congrats to our Buyer…


We're so happy to have helped her to find the right spot to settle in for the next chapter in her life. We can't wait to watch you become part of the community!

Congratulations again, and welcome home!

Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing, full-time real estate broker and business owner in  beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client’s dreams of home ownership - and it’s a privilege he doesn’t take lightly. His family includes his wife and daughter, and they feel fortunate to call Longmont their home.

Cory can be reached by mobile at 303.641.8597 or email at

Call us if you want a 'SOLD' sign in your yard!

Motivational Monday – “What Makes Colorado”

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.."

- Raymond Lindquist

Colorado is unique in the sense that it feels so familiar to those of us who fondly call it 'home', but it is an ever-changing and evolving place. It is only because people here continue to push for change and growth that it feels more and more like home as time goes on.

According to Tue Tran, director of "What Makes Colorado", it's the people that make Colorado unique.

"...After years of working in the banking industry, I sought inspiration in the form of travel and philanthropy. Being on the road gave me the courage to take the next step. Yes. I did what few people dare to dream of doing. I quit my job, filled up the tank, and drove away from a safe, stable life to pursue my dream of filmmaking.."

The short film shows just a few of the reasons why our state is so special. Check it out and find the motivation to explore and expand your own world!

SOLD – And Just In Time!

Just closed another home today, and right in time for OPENING DAY for the Rockies!

I freaking love these clients and I'm super proud to also call them my friends...

Congratulations on today's closing, Josh and Andrea. I'm looking forward to next week's purchase of your horse property! Oh, and GO ROCKIES!

(Photo Credit: Boulder Area Chamber of Commerce)

(Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Cory Dudley, Principal Broker

Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing, full-time real estate broker and business owner in  beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client’s dreams of home ownership - and it’s a privilege he doesn’t take lightly. His family includes his wife and daughter, and they feel fortunate to call Longmont their home.

Cory can be reached by mobile at 303.641.8597 or email at

JUST SOLD in the 60+ Hover Place Community!

JUST SOLD in the 60+ Hover Place Community!

I'm so excited and happy to have helped these two find the perfect home for the next chapter of their lives!   Landmark Homes in Hover Place offer low-maintenance, attached homes in a strictly 60+ community. They believe homeowners in their neighborhood value quality construction, a premier location, premium amenities and mature, friendly neighbors. Homeowners can appreciate the accessibility of their designs, which include single levels, attached garages, secured entry and an elevator service. The view overlooking Hover Park is simply the cherry on top! Congratulations, friends - and welcome home! Cory Dudley, Principal Broker Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing, full-time real estate broker and business owner in  beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client’s dreams of home ownership - and it’s a privilege he doesn’t take lightly. His family includes his wife and daughter, and they feel fortunate to call Longmont their home. Cory can be reached by mobile at 303.641.8597 or email at
The Dragon’s Tail

The Dragon’s Tail

One of our most popular National parks - Rocky Mountain National Park - is less than an hour away from from our office inDowntown Longmont. It offers plenty to anyone who visits, no matter the season.

That's why when we say, #BringingYouColorado or #WeAreColorado, we truly do mean it!


We'd like to introduce you to a trek commonly referred to as:

'Dragon's Tail Couloir'

It's nestled up above the trail to Emerald Lake and consists of 1,500 feet of fairly steep climbing - but the views of Hallet Peak's North Face and Longs Peak in the distance make it all worthwhile!

(North Face of Hallet Peak)


(View of Longs Peak)

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Check out the video below by Mark Nolan to get a better idea of what's in store, should you decide to make the journey....

The Dragon's Tail from Mark Nolan on Vimeo.